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What are viruses?

What are Viruses ? What Are Viruses ? Viruses are submicroscopic parasitic organisms that are much smaller than bacteria. It is an often asked question if viruses are alive or why are viruses not alive? Well, some biologists say they are while others say they are not. What happens is, they are unable to survive […]

Mental Health

Mental Health: All you need to know! In this informative piece, you can learn about: What is mental health and issues related to it? What are the signs of poor mental health? What are the causes of poor mental health? How to tackle poor mental health? What is the meaning of mental health? Mental health […]

Preventive Measures for Covid – 19

Origin of Covid 19 Research shows that the spread covid 19 started through bats into humans.The first case of covid 19 was founding Wuhan, China in December 2019As the virus was easily spreading as it was spreading through the breath, cough, talk, and sneezingof a person. The cases increased from 60 to 266 in the […]